It started back in 1997. I a few years after finishing college. Through my college years I work full time. So once college was over. I found myself with a lot of extra time. I still had a lot to learn and things to experience. When I saved up enough money one of the first things I bought was a nice Sony 8mm video camera. It was a dream of mine as a kid to do video. Growing up skateboarding and surfing to film all my friends and myself doing tricks and what not. The passion and dream was there but zero funds to make this happen.

With all this in mind.

More coming soon….

In the mean time!  Yes I am the guy behind www.thekongoff.com   I helped Richie Knucklez produce one of the biggest Classic gaming events of all time.   This video I Produced, edited and Filmed below was featured live on MSNBC.


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