How to Install Cooler Master V6 GT CPU Fan on z68 Gigabyte Motherboard “tutorial”


Click here for more description or to buy! Here is a step by step tutorial on How to install Cooler Master V6 GT CPU Fan on z68 Gigabyte Motherboard “tutorial” This is cooling the Intel i5 2500k processor chip. This isn’t as easy as installing the supplied i5 fan included with the i5 2500k processor chip. It takes time and a little bit of effort but it is totally worth it if you love air cooled over clocked systems.

The fan is installed on a gigabyte z68 micro atx mother board and it all sits in a HAF 923 Cooler Master system tower. This Cooler Master V6 cpu fan has two fans set up in a push pull system. The heat sink on this massive on this and keeps the i5 2500k chip cool as ice. I definately recommend anyone that wants to over clock their i5 2500k chip and run an air cooled system.

More tutorials coming soon on this system build. (and yes this is out of numerical order but the first video was adding the i5 chip to the motherboard but that video was super short) This video was edited on this computer running this cooler master v6 fan. It was a 14 minute clip shot in full 1080 HD with a panasonic tm 700 Running CS 5.5 Adobe Premiere. This video exported in 14 minutes using h.264 codec. This system runs premiere like a champ (more gooder than a champ). I used this camera because of it is light weight and I could mount it in an over head view on a modified Tripod C stand.


How to Install Intell i5 2500k CPU on a z68 Gigabyte Motherboard video!

Check out the video below of one of the most simplistic and crucial part of any computer build.  I know these posts are out of order but deal with it =).   If you are interested in buying the Intel i5 2500k CPU chip then click here      Best Bang for your buck! IMO.  Overclock this sucker and you will really get some great stable performance.



How to Install a Gigabyte z68 Micro ATX Motherboard in HAF 932 Cooler Master

Installing the Gigabyte z68 Micro ATX Mother board in the HAF 932 Cooler Master case is so enjoyable.  Watch the video below to get the “know how” of how easy it is to deal with this Cooler Master HAF 932.  There is so much room to deal with especially when you are dealing with a Micro ATX mother board.  See video below for more info.

Buy Gigabyte z68 Motherboard used click here


More coming soon…

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  2. For wonercoalitg, For wonercoalitg, it’s pretty awesome how you can also have two 200mm fans on top WITH the radiator. I still don’t like the look however. I think it was pretty lazy of CM not to bump up the design. It’s like they are applying that old dating advice; you have to look on the inside and not the just looks. Well some of us enthusiasts are totally superficial. If I were to buy this case, I’d get a paper bag to put over it’s head, but it might interfere with the airflow lol!

    • I don’t know i think the case looks pretty awesome in my opinion but it is cool if you don’t like it. It works really well for ease of use and High Are Flow.

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