Cooler Master V6 GT by far the most Popular part of this build!

Well it was back in late February when I posted the videos for the build I won from Patriot Memory.  With zero promotion this video has reached over 5000 views with 23 likes and 30 comments. This little Cooler Master V6 GT video is the little video that could.  I think that is pretty impressive seeing it is my first build video (not my first build, i been building and IT since 1997) and I don’t have a following what so ever for this.   Hopefully I can keep winning these builds seeing I don’t have the funds to continue you these project.  I wish I could but it would be money going out and nothing coming back in.  Still with all that said 5000 is a great number.  I am sure it will continue to climb but I am a realist and understand more and more newer components are coming out making these parts soon obsolete.  Still for the best bank for the buck!  You can not beat this intel i5 2500k build match with Patriot Memory’s Memory =).  Working and editing with adobe’s cs5.5 on it is a dream.  Also recently playing a little Diablo 3 and Sniper Elite V2.  It also makes me a little sad seeing that more and more companies are moving towards more notebooks and tablets (example: samsung ultra book and apple ipad) but this will only make our building community a little big stronger.  It might even bring some building noobs to the game and hopefully my videos can help them understand that anyone with a few tools, research and some patients can build their “Dream Machine”.  =)

Brent Dolan